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New Map. AS-Rotation Of Power, my first Assault map, based on the idea that the BOTS should be able to play the map as well as a real person.

My Maps:

AS-Rotation Of Power


In the asteroid belt of the Terran 3 System, power is generated on Rock7 for the surrounding colonies. Terrorists have taken over the power station and shut it off, holding the colonies in blackout till their sinister demands are met. It is your job to infiltrate the terrorist defenses, destroy their communication link and reactivate the reactor. You will need to use teamwork to achieve this goal.



My first DOM map for UT. This map is big and complex, it will push your system to its max. I worked hard to make sure there were no places in the map that gave me less then a FPS of 20 (in game play on a midrange system). The poly count is never higher then around 130, and then its only that high in a few places. This map is so far my most complex, with great BOTS and wonderful geometry. Its got the flow and connectivity that make any DOM map fun and challenging.



My first UT map. A focus on connectivity, lots of arched ceilings and fancy geometry. I worked hard with the lights to use color in a unique new way, to make the basic textures appear more rich and full of depth. The Bots in this map are most lethal, making this a very challenging map to play.



Blunderfit is actualy two maps, one was so high in polys that I decided it wouldnt be fun on a slower cpu, so I fiddled around and made a lower poly version of the same map. They are both fun the play. Blunderfit-HP is the HighPoly vesrion, in some places the FPS get low, but when I netplayed it, I actualy found it to be very fun even with a ping of 500+( I never get a good ping...). Blunderfit-LP is the low poly map. Its build apon the the HP version, but turned into a totaly diffrent map. LP is good for netgames with many players, as where HP is great for one on one, or LAN games where everyone has a fast computer. Play them both then you will know what one playes best for you...



My first unreal map. I made it large, maze like, filled it with traps, secret places and lots of good snipper points. Heck this map has something for almost all play styles. The only truble with this map is, you need alot of people in it befor its fun to play. Otherwise its a hunt and kill game and the person with the best weapon wins. I have played it with 16bots and its a load of fun. I put extra time in making the bots work kina well, so its fun for a time at least...



This map started as an experiment using the 2d shape editor. There are no secrets, or traps in this map, just lots of fancy architecture. Good game for 4 to 8 players, and should be very good for net play.

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